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- Three-dimensional Laser Scanning UAV

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A giant propeller with eight propellers in the scene slowly rising, no remote control operation, as long as the pre-set flight coordinates, the UAV can automatically follow the coordinates of the route navigation flight. This is a team from the security team of three-dimensional burning laser pointer scanning UAV, diameter of 2.7 meters, load 45.5 kg, scan the entire scene only took 30 minutes.

The computer automatically compares the abnormal screening, the staff through the data processing, you can see the computer screen to see any slight changes in the scene, this change to centimeter level, can help prejudge the subsidence, the second collapse and so on. Due to the dense trees in the field, the traditional remote sensing image technology can not obtain the actual terrain under the forest, and the lidar can automatically remove the space occupied by the trees, the village's original face to obtain accurate terrain data.

laser pointer

It is understood that the UAV on the laser radar launcher can launch 500,000 per second laser beam, each beam hit the visible object, you can laser positioning, fast and dynamic collection of a large number of high-precision point cloud data , Which can get the centimeter-level accuracy of the three-dimensional model, in the complete response to the actual characteristics of the object at the same time can also get the absolute coordinates of the object.

In addition, through the three-dimensional 3000mw laser pointer scanning, the terrain can be quickly mapped and mapped to the scene, the whole affected area and the surrounding digital model, the formation of three-dimensional topographic map, and according to the model to measure the excavation work excavated earthwork, command center Rely on the refinement model for the next step in the rescue plan to make more scientific and effective implementation of the rescue.

Through the UAV scan after the three-dimensional images, will be more scientific and orderly organization of rescue. As one of the two life detection teams retained at the scene, according to the unified deployment of the headquarters, through the life detector, combined with UAV three-dimensional images to carry out carpet life search.

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